7 Reason Skipping Is An Amazing Sport In The World

7 Reason Skipping Is An Amazing Sport In The World

Most people associate skipping with children, and not as a sporting tool used by adults when working out or elite athletes. Sporting champions have used the jumping rope technique for their warm-up sessions and trainers have incorporated this as part of a proper cardio session for years now.

Apart from adding some fun and creativity to your sessions, you also get to burn calories which enhance your fitness levels. Here are 7 other reasons why skipping is such an amazing sport, and why it’s worth considering.

Enhances Coordination

Skipping is a cyclic activity. You don’t just skip rope once or twice and stop, but you go on for a number of rounds. This steady and regular cadence helps to enhance the coordination between your hands, eyes, and feet.

Reduced Risk Of Lower Leg Injuries

Are you prone to lower leg injuries every time you try working out or running? Skipping might help with that. By jumping ripe, you get to increase the resilience and elasticity of your lower leg muscles. Your calf muscles are strengthened making the surrounding tendons and fascia more elastic. A great tip is to first land on the ball of your foot when skipping, and allow your heels to go all the way down to the ground. This is one sure way of increasing elasticity in your leg muscles.skippin rode

 Improves Cognitive Function

You don’t skip in the same manner all the time. Rather, you learn new motor patterns each time. This has been known to improve your nervous system and the way it communicates with your brain, lower leg muscles, and wrists. As a result, there is an improvement in your cognitive function, which is beneficial as you get older.

Jumping Ropes Are Portable

Skipping is one sport which you can perform anywhere in the world. It’s quite handy for travelers and athletes. Reason being, you can always pack your jumping rope and take it with you wherever you go.

Despite most hotels providing guests with a basic exercise room, having your rope comes in handy. Most of the equipment provided is questionable at best, and you’re better off skipping away.

Moreover, there are parks with pull-up bars among other outdoor workout facilities. You can always get a full busy workout by combining your jump rope with the available equipment.

Increases Intensity Of Circuit Training Routines

If strength training is part of your workout routine, you are constantly alternating between different muscle groups. These have cardiorespiratory benefits and also increase your heart rate. Another way to increase the intensity of such sessions is by adding jump rope stations to your routine. This can be about 2-3 minutes of steady skipping at the end of each strength training session.

Jumping Ropes Can Be Periodized

You can use different ropes, all depending on what your goal is. This is unlike so many sporting and exercise equipment out there.  If you want to improve on your footwork, go for the lighter speed ropes. These are also excellent in interval style training, anaerobic and coordination. Heavier ropes redesigned to enhance power and help with upper body strength and endurance. Moreover, combat athletes use heavier ropes for their power endurance training. It helps them perform tense moves, required for a constant period of time.

Great For Home Workouts

Do you love working out at home but cannot afford to buy the necessary equipment? All you need is a space and a jumping rope and you are set for a great cardio session. A jumping rope is the only piece of equipment you need to burn some calories right at the comfort of your own home.

Rodney Pina