Can Fitness Supplements Improve Sports Training?

The fitness supplements industry is a multi-million dollar industry that focuses on athletes and adults who are interested in supplement marketing.

With the claims and promises of better performance, along with other claims, these are some of the factors that motivate these groups to buy alternative nutritional products in order to meet their fitness goals.

Fitness Supplements Improve Sports Training

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Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts all work hard to reach their fitness goals. They stick to their nutritional and training regimens, but sometimes they want something that they will give them a slight advantage over their competitors.

Can fitness supplements provide the extra boost they are looking for?

Most of the products on the market have mixed reviews depending on the user.

However, for those who are in good health without any kidney, liver or heart issues, the most popular supplements on the market for sports training are not only inexpensive, but they are considered safe.

Keep in mind, it is best to speak with your doctor before begin to take any supplement, even it is labeled as ‘healthy’ or ‘all natural’.

You will want to ensure that the supplement will not react negatively to any medications you may be taking.


Not only can caffeine be used to help you get started on your day, it can also be used to help increase your athletic performance as well. For example, if you take caffeine about a half an hour prior to your game, competition or race, you may notice an improvement in your endurance.

In fact, several studies have concluded that those who participate in endurance related exercises notice an improvement in their performance with caffeine. Some of the athletes included in the study were:

– Soccer players
– Cyclists
– Runners
– Rowers
– Tennis players

In some of the clinical trials, athletes saw an increase in their speed while others were able to maintain their energy until the end of their game or competition.

Few studies have shown that caffeine has been linked with alleviating muscle soreness and pain. This means that athletes can resume training faster by reducing recovery time.


If you are a weight lifter or a sprinter, you may already be familiar with this supplement.

Creatine monohydrate has been shown to be beneficial in athletes who perform intense exercise in short bouts. It has not shown to have any effect on athletes of other sports.

The human body naturally makes creatine, and the muscles use creatine for high-intensity training. When you perform a high number of reps, your muscles release the creatine that has been made by the body. This is the main reason why it is so much more difficult to complete the 12th rep than it is the 1st rep.

A creatine supplement will increase the amount that is in your body, but you can also consume creatine by eating pork and beef products.

So, if you are already eating an animal protein-heavy diet, you will not notice the difference by taking an additional supplement as a vegan would.

These are just two of the fitness supplements that are commonly used in sports training. Depending on your sport, you may or may not notice a difference in your endurance or performance by taking certain supplements. Again, consult with your doctor before starting any new supplements.

Rodney Pina