Importance Of The Asian Gaelic Games

Importance Of The Asian Gaelic Games

The Gaelic Athletic Association was and is still sporting organization that is an important aspect of Irish community and Irish Identity.

The sport is ancient and has continuously been governed and organized since its official inception in 1884. The organization had been formed to manage and control Irish earlier times and to cement Irish identity.

Gaelic games had over a period been considered an Irish sport, but with the increasing movement of people from one continent to another in search of leisure, these games have continued to spread across different parts of the world.

As we speak today, the game has spread to five continents with Asia being a leading participant.

Throughout its existence in Asia, the Asian Gaelic Games has over a period impacted the lives of people across many nations in the Asian continent.

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We are going to look at some of the importance of the Asian Gaelic Games and how they have brought about change in the lives of both native and non-native Asians. importance of Asian Gaelic Games

Importance of the Gaelic Games in Asia

  1. Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is the swapping of languages, artifacts, and symbols between two or more people from diverse background. This social interaction is an essential tool in establishing cultural communication among people from different communities.

These games have therefore been used as a tool to bring people from different communities together and enable them to understand new values and customs, thus able to integrate themselves into this unique culture without the fear of being discriminated by natives.

  1. School Integration

The idea of using sports in schools as a tool of integration has helped create strategies that have helped immigrants participate in games and therefore creating the opportunity of making new friends and learning different languages. The homes clubs have also played an important role of teaching students from local schools how to play various games in a fun and entertaining way.

This has helped bring down the fear that native individuals may have when it comes to interacting with foreigners from different countries. It has also helped promote sports and culture and allow the locals to have a positive image of the foreigners.

  1. Supports Economic And Infrastructural Development

Through the games, countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, and many other Asian nations have noticed a significant development in regards to infrastructure. Several stadia have been built in an effort to promote sports leading to a massive growth in sports infrastructure across many Asian Countries.

Sports can attract large numbers of people from both local and international places hence promoting businesses especially the transport and hotel industry which have in turn boosted the economy of the individual countries that participate in these games.

  1. Creation of Job Opportunities

Due to the increased number of clubs, several people including coaches, technical managers, trainers and several others in the sports industry have been employed to help manage these teams hence creating more jobs which wouldn’t be there if the games never existed.

Though there are several other importance of the Asian Gaelic games, the above summarizes the most significant positive impacts of the games in Asia.

Rodney Pina